Managing Curly and Frizzy Hair

Winter weather brings frizz, dryness, and mayhem to hair that is curly and I have the holiday pictures to prove it. Chances are, you’ve likely heard the words; no brushes, air dry, no heat, diffuser, etc., etc. Hair products, and every hair straightening treatment out there promising you permanent hair straightening or of course the all famous Brazilian blowout and the keratin hair treatment, which isn’t always a perfect match for your hair, after all every one’s hair is different and just because ones hair has drastic changes and advantages to certain hair straightening treatments however that is not always the case, last thing you want is a bad hair experience that last a couple months with the keratin treatment cost to boot.

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Tips Of The Trade

Ultimately, I used some of the points and tips I’d spent years reading around. When shampooing curly hairstyles or any hairstyle for that matter your going to want at least two days between shampooing because the more you wash away the natural oils the dryer your hair will look. Another important thing to do is find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair, not all shampoos are compatible for all types of hair, because I color my hair I favor L’Oréal Paris, for anyone you should always look for a sulfate free, they might be a little more pricier, but quality goes a long way.

By massaging the shampoo and conditioner into your hair rather than vigorously scrubbing you will see less breakage. Before rinsing, I lightly comb the conditioner through my hair with a broad tooth comb, clearing all tangles through my hair with ease and precision. Once you get out the shower and dry your hair your going to want to apply a type of natural oil to your hair, I spray on Palmer’s Olive Oil  and it works perfectly. These are the two products I’ve discovered that leave my hair soft, with no breakage, no frizz, or electrostatic.

It took me years to locate the goods which make my hair healthy and shiny without all the unnatural products, no going to the salon every 3-4 months for a keratin hair straightening or a Brazilian blow dry. Olive oil has attempted and had fine results but the results were astounding, after locating the Pure Shine Hair Lotion. Every hair kind is not same, so not everyone can anticipate the exact same results using the exact same merchandise as in this posts or any post or hair treatment for that matter.

Besides the fundamentals of conditioning, shampooing, and styling, there are other hints that are helpful. Layers make the curls seem and feel thinner. Towel drying does not mean rubbing against the towel profusely. It is more of a light squeeze at the ends.

Additionally, I would just like to add that oils are not moisturizers, all though they do make your hair shiny and obviously look healthier, they do not coat the hair and do not consume the moisture well. Last but not least, include the amazing you and your curls whether you have had the best Brazilian hair treatment or your an at home keratin treatment type of person, do not be afraid to let down your hair, and set your curls.

Finding The Right Hairstyle

Whether you adore Kristen Stewart’s grungy appearance or Taylor Swifts glossy updo’s, developing the abilities to recreate both hair styles using your own personal hair will not only save you money, but time as well. On the other hand, if your looking for a super star look at last moments notice you will most likely have to call a professional like your stylist to hook you up and fast. One way to make things a little easier, if you struggle with curly hair or frizzy hair that needs blow drying and other preps, you may want to look into other hair straightening treatments, it might be just a little pricey, however it does last a good 2-3 months and for some is totally worth it.


Twenty two year-old Kristen Stewart seems very stunning and constantly wears a grungy look that seems effortlessly perfect. Whether she wears infant pink lips with narrow black cat eyes or a tousled ponytail or bronze make-up along with her hair down, her appearance is definitely exceptional and completely one of a kind among the Hollywood updo’s.

DIY Do It Right

To create that same grungy curl and wave, you need to find a great product that encourages your hair to curl like no other. Find a defining cream for your hair and from the ends to the roots, apply an amount the size of a dime to your hair while it’s still damp. Curls are kept bouncy, soft and defined with curl-enhancing products such as these. Once applied, pull hair back with fingers and put a scrungy around it and voiala, your done.

While some one like Taylor Swift retains a youthful look all while radiating a type of adulthood and a womanly vibe, keeping all the bells and whistles to a bare minimum. If this look is something you want to attain, you first need to part your hair to the side. In the center of your head, put the rest of your hair in a ponytail. To create volume, tease the ponytail and shape your hair in the shape of a donut. This gives you a beautiful, natural look that is perfect for a princess.

Another Taylor Swift adorable updo is the braided variation which constantly makes her seem amazing. If you require an excellent updo and are going to some party, this can be the one you need to attempt. Additionally ideal for proms and weddings, you’ll adore this stunning, pulled back, informal style. Whether you’re going to an event at night or throughout the daytime, this updo pulled back and is braided tucked under. As far as a star hair makeover goes, this design looks amazing with rounded feathered bangs that frame your face, although if your not careful you can cut your self, consult your stylist first.

Whichever hair style you choose, a great thought is always to bring your stylist that will help them get a notion of that which you would like images. Refrain before you happen to be getting it from washing your own hair styled.

By doing this, your hair will hold the updo and can be more easy to tease. Just washed hair is often smooth, glossy and more difficult to place into an updo. When having an updo done, make sure to wear tops which are button down for simple ensemble-changes when desired.

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Is The Brazilian Blowout Worth The Cost

With magazines and TV telling you what looks good and what doesn’t or what the new trend is, everyone around you telling what looks good on you and what you should do to your hair, who’s to know what to do to their hair? First things first take some time to grow it just a bit, take a look at your hair in a whole, what can you do with it?, it’s not just something to jump in to, after all this is your hair we’re talking about. Think about all that you do with your hair, all through out the year or what you may want to do with it. Your hair should be versatile, whether you have short hair, curly hair, long hair or kinky hair, you know your hair and you should already know what can and can’t be done with your hair. If you haven’t already heard of a Brazilian Blowout, or Jennifer Aniston, maybe you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or two, it’s one of the biggest trends right now and is very versatile in it self. Weather you have curly hair, straight hair or even colored hair, having a Brazilian Blowout done will take away any frizzy’s, if you have curly hair and struggles with blow drying and hair straightner’s this product will blow your mind. So the question stands, is the Brazilian Blowout cost worth it?, make an appointment with you stylist and discuss it with them, see what they think first hand.


Take A Look At Your Hair

Take a look at the most obvious, hair becomes dried and when the cuticle is ruined they are more delicate and internal materials are uncovered and quickly shattered due to the exposure. Cleaning our hair is just a daily occasion, which strips our hair of its normal capability or even completed correctly to protect itself. An excessive amount of the best thing might have an adverse impact though a lot of time of study have gone into producing shampoos good for our hair. Over- washing causes the hair to get rid of its normal humidity that retains hair seeking gleaming and balanced.

Blow-drying and without guarding it or curling hair and/ straightening may trigger serious harm to your own hair occasionally and or even completed properly. This “heat-styling” generally is baking your own hair, although it might appear ideal for some time but it kills the hair and certainly will cause lasting harm once we proceed to complete it with time, it’ll become fragile dried, and broken.

Several believe and might understand this; nicely I suppose I’ll simply stay glued to utilizing chemical items to create my hair in the place of “baking” it having a hair dryer. This may not be more in the reality. Hair is composed of meats that are kept as well as ties. Meats and the ties break up and make sure they are weaker. The hair will end up so fragile it’ll really only split down if this method is extended again and again again. This is often prevented when items, the proper procedures and methods are utilized.

Hair can be damaged by simply the surroundings, if you live in Southern California, you are no stranger to water, sunlight and breeze that may cause mayhem and drying frizzy hair.

The toughest thing we are able to do to the hair is lightening. Lightening the hair permeates the external protective cuticle coating with removes and substances the organic color. The framework of the hair is transformed which makes it more prone to harm in this way. Pair this with blow-drying and heat-styling and also you might have that boring search with split-ends very quickly.

Perming is another great way to ruin hair. Once more substances are accustomed to possibly create hair or produce curl. One’s hair’s internal framework fails. Essentially it requires breaks and healthy hair and weakens the framework to produce harmful waves, and vice versa for frizzy hair to create it directly.

Even although you simply clean your own hair and do not use something and put it on in perhaps a ponytail or braids may cause harm. Hair cans split and trigger split-ends. Sporting and tugging hair firmly like in ponytail or a braid may split hair. It may cause lasting harm if this really is used daily.

It appears as if to the hair we do like nothing really helps it any. But, with of this completed with aid in control from experts and utilizing items and the proper methods; the adverse effects all of this design is wearing our hair can be mitigated by us. But every once in ignore it and we have to simply provide our hair a rest.

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To The Paint You Put on Your House

Whether planting an organic garden for you and the family or remodeling the house with an interior and exterior painting upgrade, it is always good to go with all natural products. It’s important to think about this beautiful place we call earth, God’s extraordinary creation, for too long we as people have taken advantage of all that we have, using and wasting, not realizing the harm that we’re creating for the future, our children’s future. Now most people have seen the long lasting effects that pollution can cause from plastics, styrofoam and fuel burning machines, now some people take the time and make the effort to make a change, while others plain and simple either don’t care or just leave it up to others to make the difference.

Let’s Make A Difference

Obviously there’s plenty you can do when it comes to eating or growing your own vegetables, either you grow your fruits and veggies with all organic fertilizers and little to no pesticides, which is the way I personally like to go. Of course this does take time and space, the alternative route?, cook using fresh ingredients, fresh organic herbs and seasonings, try to avoid any prepacked/canned products, even if they say they’re “organic”, “fat-free”, “healthy food”, do not believe it, any thing prepacked is prepared to sit on a shelf. Meaning 95% of your shelf foods are gonna be jam packed with preservatives, sodium is gonna be at it’s highest in these products, now I understand that every one is gonna have to buy certain things in a box and here’s an easy to pick the good from the bad is, if the sodium is higher than the calorie, leave it and look for something else, that means there’s way to much preservatives in there and obviously bad for you. Just look at the image below, a simple can of black beans has a 140 mg of sodium, now this really is not that high, however for a single serving of black beans there really should only be about 35 mg of sodium.


You see the same way you eat healthy to look better, to feel better, to live a longer and happier life, the paint on your house should be the same. Free of any pollutants or byproducts that might do long term damage to the house it self  or do damage to this beautiful planet. Like any thing you can go the cheap route, which might save you a couple bucks at first, but trust me when I say you get what you pay for. Now I’m not saying you have to go out there and start buying all the name brand stuff, but you should look into the eco friendly products, there’s plenty to choose from these days and they work very well. Not to mention they work a whole lot better, last longer and when the time comes to change it up, they are easy to clean up and paint over. Take a look on line, talk to some painting stores, they’re employee’s are always more than happy to answer any questions and give any ideas, as well as show you there selection of paints.

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Changing Your Diet Improves Your Beauty

These days everyone understands that eating more healthy is the secret to feeling and looking better and living a life that is long. While we desire fruits and vegetables because of their nutrients, there’s something which the Food and Drug Administration as well as the authorities do not want you to understand. If vegetables and fruits will be the main foods that people should be more healthy, in that case why are Americans dying of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and becoming worse each year?, how’s any one supposed to feel beautiful when your feeling like crap. All produce that people enjoy now and the foods have been altered, meaning the genes of a species of food has been pushed to the DNA of some other species, making them lose all the nutrients which they had, which causes various dangerous unwanted effects, it really makes one not only want to buy organic or locally, but maybe even start growing your own vegetables and herbs.

Reasons to read the label

So that they may possess an extended shelf life so that they can meet the needs of the consumers, and since it is quicker and simpler for manufacturing companies to create GMO foods, the same foods that people bring home to there families and are eating are dangerous . Some people believe that the reason they have been diagnosed with one of these conditions is when in fact, it is the substances and ingredients in those foods which cause them because of the things they eat. Think of the disorders as allergies to all the dangerous GMOs which can be in secret concealed in our food.

coca-cola_facts Reading the nutrition label of each and every thing which you purchase in the grocery store hasn’t been more significant until now. Reading the nutrition label is among the most effective things you can do in order to be conscious of that which you are putting in your mouth in the event you would like to boost your quality of life. Its not hard at all, simple things to look for are, high sodium content, high sodium means it has a lot of salt, one easy way to check it is if the sodium content is more than double the calorie on the label, don’t buy it. Actually, the FDA as well as the authorities do not care if you get ill from eating foods as long as you continue to purchase their products. You will find measures we could take to bring more recognition and eventually take them, while it is somewhat not possible to prevent these cancer causing organisms, there are steps to prolong ones life, the same way a painter puts a primer before he starts laying down the color, or even puts on a mask when using certain products that might be harmful to his body, you too have to think about the toxins your putting into your body. You have to have a solid foundation with your body if you want to feel and look good. For me as a painter, I have to feel good and have my body working in tip top shape everyday. If I get hurt, my body’s going to recover and heal faster than if I was unhealthy and didn’t take care of my body. By the way if you want to check out more info on my painting site, please do check out this page One way to be sure to know what your eating is simply grow what you eat, if your not sure where to start or need an extra hand, contact your local garden center, here in San Diego, CA we have our choice of nurseries and home garden centers to pick from.  I highly recommend you look into growing your own vegetables and herbs and even fruits, you never know how your food is been growing unless you yourself have a hands on view of whats going on. We have to tell everyone the way they negatively impact the body and we know about GMOs. We have to decide to consume more foods that are organic since in the event you have ever been to a health food store, their goods are mainly made out of natural ingredients. I really believe that our foods is likely to be free and our general well-being and well being will significantly enhance.

It’s going to alter how you think about the food industry as well as food. Remember people, knowledge is power, don’t just eat whats in front of you, or what people (the media) say is good for you. Look at the label, look for natural ingredients, things you can pronounce and understand and hey, if you don’t understand it, just look it up on the internet, we’ve come along way people, lets use it.

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