To The Paint You Put on Your House

Whether planting an organic garden for you and the family or remodeling the house with an interior and exterior painting upgrade, it is always good to go with all natural products. It’s important to think about this beautiful place we call earth, God’s extraordinary creation, for too long we as people have taken advantage of all that we have, using and wasting, not realizing the harm that we’re creating for the future, our children’s future. Now most people have seen the long lasting effects that pollution can cause from plastics, styrofoam and fuel burning machines, now some people take the time and make the effort to make a change, while others plain and simple either don’t care or just leave it up to others to make the difference.

Let’s Make A Difference

Obviously there’s plenty you can do when it comes to eating or growing your own vegetables, either you grow your fruits and veggies with all organic fertilizers and little to no pesticides, which is the way I personally like to go. Of course this does take time and space, the alternative route?, cook using fresh ingredients, fresh organic herbs and seasonings, try to avoid any prepacked/canned products, even if they say they’re “organic”, “fat-free”, “healthy food”, do not believe it, any thing prepacked is prepared to sit on a shelf. Meaning 95% of your shelf foods are gonna be jam packed with preservatives, sodium is gonna be at it’s highest in these products, now I understand that every one is gonna have to buy certain things in a box and here’s an easy to pick the good from the bad is, if the sodium is higher than the calorie, leave it and look for something else, that means there’s way to much preservatives in there and obviously bad for you. Just look at the image below, a simple can of black beans has a 140 mg of sodium, now this really is not that high, however for a single serving of black beans there really should only be about 35 mg of sodium.


You see the same way you eat healthy to look better, to feel better, to live a longer and happier life, the paint on your house should be the same. Free of any pollutants or byproducts that might do long term damage to the house it self  or do damage to this beautiful planet. Like any thing you can go the cheap route, which might save you a couple bucks at first, but trust me when I say you get what you pay for. Now I’m not saying you have to go out there and start buying all the name brand stuff, but you should look into the eco friendly products, there’s plenty to choose from these days and they work very well. Not to mention they work a whole lot better, last longer and when the time comes to change it up, they are easy to clean up and paint over. Take a look on line, talk to some painting stores, they’re employee’s are always more than happy to answer any questions and give any ideas, as well as show you there selection of paints.

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