Managing Curly and Frizzy Hair

Winter weather brings frizz, dryness, and mayhem to hair that is curly and I have the holiday pictures to prove it. Chances are, you’ve likely heard the words; no brushes, air dry, no heat, diffuser, etc., etc. Hair products, and every hair straightening treatment out there promising you permanent hair straightening or of course the all famous Brazilian blowout and the keratin hair treatment, which isn’t always a perfect match for your hair, after all every one’s hair is different and just because ones hair has drastic changes and advantages to certain hair straightening treatments however that is not always the case, last thing you want is a bad hair experience that last a couple months with the keratin treatment cost to boot.

brazilian hair treatment

Tips Of The Trade

Ultimately, I used some of the points and tips I’d spent years reading around. When shampooing curly hairstyles or any hairstyle for that matter your going to want at least two days between shampooing because the more you wash away the natural oils the dryer your hair will look. Another important thing to do is find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair, not all shampoos are compatible for all types of hair, because I color my hair I favor L’Oréal Paris, for anyone you should always look for a sulfate free, they might be a little more pricier, but quality goes a long way.

By massaging the shampoo and conditioner into your hair rather than vigorously scrubbing you will see less breakage. Before rinsing, I lightly comb the conditioner through my hair with a broad tooth comb, clearing all tangles through my hair with ease and precision. Once you get out the shower and dry your hair your going to want to apply a type of natural oil to your hair, I spray on Palmer’s Olive Oil  and it works perfectly. These are the two products I’ve discovered that leave my hair soft, with no breakage, no frizz, or electrostatic.

It took me years to locate the goods which make my hair healthy and shiny without all the unnatural products, no going to the salon every 3-4 months for a keratin hair straightening or a Brazilian blow dry. Olive oil has attempted and had fine results but the results were astounding, after locating the Pure Shine Hair Lotion. Every hair kind is not same, so not everyone can anticipate the exact same results using the exact same merchandise as in this posts or any post or hair treatment for that matter.

Besides the fundamentals of conditioning, shampooing, and styling, there are other hints that are helpful. Layers make the curls seem and feel thinner. Towel drying does not mean rubbing against the towel profusely. It is more of a light squeeze at the ends.

Additionally, I would just like to add that oils are not moisturizers, all though they do make your hair shiny and obviously look healthier, they do not coat the hair and do not consume the moisture well. Last but not least, include the amazing you and your curls whether you have had the best Brazilian hair treatment or your an at home keratin treatment type of person, do not be afraid to let down your hair, and set your curls.