Finding The Right Hairstyle

Whether you adore Kristen Stewart’s grungy appearance or Taylor Swifts glossy updo’s, developing the abilities to recreate both hair styles using your own personal hair will not only save you money, but time as well. On the other hand, if your looking for a super star look at last moments notice you will most likely have to call a professional like your stylist to hook you up and fast. One way to make things a little easier, if you struggle with curly hair or frizzy hair that needs blow drying and other preps, you may want to look into other hair straightening treatments, it might be just a little pricey, however it does last a good 2-3 months and for some is totally worth it.


Twenty two year-old Kristen Stewart seems very stunning and constantly wears a grungy look that seems effortlessly perfect. Whether she wears infant pink lips with narrow black cat eyes or a tousled ponytail or bronze make-up along with her hair down, her appearance is definitely exceptional and completely one of a kind among the Hollywood updo’s.

DIY Do It Right

To create that same grungy curl and wave, you need to find a great product that encourages your hair to curl like no other. Find a defining cream for your hair and from the ends to the roots, apply an amount the size of a dime to your hair while it’s still damp. Curls are kept bouncy, soft and defined with curl-enhancing products such as these. Once applied, pull hair back with fingers and put a scrungy around it and voiala, your done.

While some one like Taylor Swift retains a youthful look all while radiating a type of adulthood and a womanly vibe, keeping all the bells and whistles to a bare minimum. If this look is something you want to attain, you first need to part your hair to the side. In the center of your head, put the rest of your hair in a ponytail. To create volume, tease the ponytail and shape your hair in the shape of a donut. This gives you a beautiful, natural look that is perfect for a princess.

Another Taylor Swift adorable updo is the braided variation which constantly makes her seem amazing. If you require an excellent updo and are going to some party, this can be the one you need to attempt. Additionally ideal for proms and weddings, you’ll adore this stunning, pulled back, informal style. Whether you’re going to an event at night or throughout the daytime, this updo pulled back and is braided tucked under. As far as a star hair makeover goes, this design looks amazing with rounded feathered bangs that frame your face, although if your not careful you can cut your self, consult your stylist first.

Whichever hair style you choose, a great thought is always to bring your stylist that will help them get a notion of that which you would like images. Refrain before you happen to be getting it from washing your own hair styled.

By doing this, your hair will hold the updo and can be more easy to tease. Just washed hair is often smooth, glossy and more difficult to place into an updo. When having an updo done, make sure to wear tops which are button down for simple ensemble-changes when desired.

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